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@facts”You can always pick out a number that


“You can always pick out a number that says oh LBJ never did that”.  Oh yeah?  Then what has Lebron done that MJ hasn’t?  32/8/8 was easier in MJ’s era?  Just the opposite, perimeter players had 2 more FGA then and hand checking, no 3-sec violation.  On top of that, MJ averaged 23 PPG at age 39 and 20 PPG at age 40, shattering oldest player scoring records in the modern league.  What do you mean MJ would have lost in the finals?  Has he ever?  How many times has MJ choked in the playoffs?  I can count 4 for Lebron where he just wasn’t dominant enough offensively to get it done.  MJ is not only better overall, prime MJ is on another stratosphere.  Let me know the day Lebron even comes close to the all-around performances MJ had in the finals – 32.5 PPG, 11.4 assists per in the finals against Magic’s Lakers on .550 FG% and .500 3 pt%, 35.6 PPG against Clyde’s blazers, out 3-pointing him, 41 PPG and 8.5 boards against Barkley’s songs at shooting guard – Lebron isn’t even a better rebounder for his position.  Here – MJ has 10 scoring titles, Lebron 1.  MJ averaged 45 PPG for a playoff series (92 Heat) along with crazy rebounding/defensive play.  If Lebron has a single game like that, it’s considered one of the best playoff games of his career.  MJ has 8 50+ point playoff performances since 1984.  The rest of the league combined has 13.  Lebron has 0.  MJ had the scoring title and DPOY in the same year.  He took a team out of nowhere and put 6 banners up.  You speak of efficiency when prime MJ was literally scoring 8 more PPG and had doubles even triples, big men in the lane, and didn’t have Bosh/Allen/Wade alongside??  You do realize Lebron’s only had this regular season efficiency spike since joining the Heat right?  Lebron’s 26.2 PPG on .514 FG% in his prime doesn’t compare to prime MJ putting up 36.0 PPG on .531… lets see what Lebron’s efficiency looks like if he manages to actually average 36 PPG for a playoffs.  MJ, Wilt, Shaq, Kareem were all more dominant players than Lebron and if I want to win championships, I take Hakeem over Lebron as well.  Sorry, it’s just really not close.  So please, tell me what Lebron has done that MJ hasn’t done?